Lenni Brenner (born ) is an American Trotskyist writer. In the s, Brenner was a . “Lenni Brenner: The Iron Wall – Zionist Revisionism ()”. Lenni Brenner. · Rating details · 11 ratings · 2 reviews. FROM THE BACK COVER: The Iron Wall is a comprehensive and documented history of. Lenni Brenner – Zionist Deals with Nazis and Fascists (part 1) Lenni Brenner Comments on Jabotinsky’s “The Iron Wall” – and the full “Iron Wall” article.

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Nadia Marques de Carvalho rated it liked it Jan 13, It is not difficult to see why the Zionist labour movement became corrupt. Rabin, caught lying, announced that he was resigning immediately though, through a technicality, he stayed on as prime minister until the election.

He created the Stern Gang that proposed a war-time alliance with Adolf Hitler and the establishment of a totalitarian Jewish state. This time Ben-Gurion took the precaution of bringing thousands of kibbutzniks and Histadrut members into the streets to protect public buildings and this was enough to compel Begin to admonish the huge gathering not to be provoked into violence.

Books by Lenni Brenner. Harry Hurwitz, Menachem Beginpp.

Lenni Brenner: The Iron Wall – Zionist Revisionism ()

For many leni he had been used to making speeches from balconies, and had taken to campaigning in an open Cadillac surrounded by an escort of motorcyclists, all with their sirens going. The next day Begin reported to his mentor on Mount Herzl: This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat Lneni the time they had arrived in the state, the socialist aspect of Labour Zionism had exhausted itself, in the Histadrut had done away with its equalitarian pay-scale for its leadership, and the rapidly bureaucratized movement made no serious effort to defend the interests of the Sephardim.


Play rated it did not like it Mar 12, Begin utilized his time writing White Nights in Was not Jordan still under the yoke of the Hashemite Abdullah? Hundreds of thousands of European Jews, and additional hundreds of thousands from the Arab world, flooded into the country.

Although the reality of 2, dead jarred Israeli society, bringing thousands of soldiers out into the streets in its aftermath, in some very disorganized demonstrations, in the next election the Alignment only lost four seats, going down to He was an anti-war activist from the first days of the Vietnam Warspeaking frequently at rallies in the Bay Area. It was the war that finally brought complete respectability to Begin and Herut.

Begin went into the Knesset to take part in the debate wll the mob marched on the building, breaking through barbed wire and a wall of hundreds of police. As Lenni Brenner shows in this deeply disturbing book, Shamir’s Revisionist legacy makes it likely that he will further curtail the rights of Israel’s Jews as well as subject the Palestinians to yet walll repression and militarist aggression, as Zionism spirals ever further lenji the Right. Lenni Brenner is an American Trotskyist writer.

Begin was igon suspended from the Knesset. The Iron Wall – Zionist Revisionism “. Rogers came up with a new initiative, a day cease-fire and negotiations to end belligerency on the condition of a return of all or most of the occupied territories. I pray, hope and believe, that the friendship between our countries and people will be strengthened.

Lenni Brenner Archive

They discussed the Suez problem the war had closed itthe subversive role of the Soviet Union, and the UN. He rose to join the religious parties in their opposition to the edict:.


Once he moves to Begin and Shamir, the book becomes a laundry list of Marxist-fed irpn within Israeli society.

However, it was the Palestinian expellees, far from reconciled to their exile, who took the initiative, constantly trying to re-enter their lost villages, either in hopes of remaining lneni to remove what was, after all, their own property. Meir Kahane, head of the Jewish Defense League, was denied admittance to the conference by the organizers because of his espousal of terror.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Foreign nations came and forced their religion upon them Crazyarms marked lenji as to-read Apr 06, First printed inreprinted in To ask other readers questions about The Iron Wallplease sign up. And all of this was superimposed upon the expropriation of Palestinian refugee land and property in the wake of the war. For the first few years of the new state there was no issue which Herut could use to attract a broad following.

RevoltForeword to Nash edition. It began with a divine promise Herut did considerably better dall the 26 July elections, jumping from eight to 15 seats. He developed an brennet in history from reading Hendrik Willem van Loon’s The Story of Mankind which his brother had received as a bar mitzvah present. The decision created an uproar as the Orthodox insisted that only the irpn of a Jewish mother or someone converted by an Orthodox rabbi could be considered a Jew.