At first glance, the lensatic compass can seem a bit daunting. Covered in various markings and with multiple moving parts, it looks as though it. Learn how to use the lensatic compass used by the US Military. I have half a dozen navigation apps on my phone, so I rarely get lost! But phones have several major weaknesses: battery life and signal reception. Both of those.

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The fact that they glow in the dark especially, if they’re the tritium kind which will glow for years without having to be exposed to light means you can use your compass without a light for night navigation.

It may take a while cojpass get it, and you should practice in a safe location before relying on one, but few devices are more able to help you navigate your way to safety. Nowusing a straight edge, draw the bearing line and extend it in the desired direction. Andrew SkillsSurvival. Make sure you include it when you say or write a bearing.

Keep doing this until you get to where you want to go. Make a mark with your pencil at the notch on the end furthest from the sighting wire. Using our lenaatic we have sighted a bearing to our cabin of mils from Magnetic North.

Plotting a bearing on a map using a round lensatic compass

Hold the compass with your thumb fully in the thumb ring, and your index finger wrapped around and gripping the circular part of the underneath of the compass’s base. The older the map, the more likely the declination shown in the diagram is no longer correct. When we plot the bearing on our map, our location will be where the line between our location and the cabin crosses the shoreline of the lake.

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The smaller the angle to Magnetic North, the more likely the diagram will show a larger angle. Whenever the luminous magnetic arrow lines up with the luminous short line, you’re following your intended azimuth.

Using a protractor aligned with either True or Grid North depending on what the magnetic declination you are given is referenced tomake a mark on the map compazs the desired value. Close is good enough in horsehoes, llensatic I’m hoping exact is the standard for artillery fire. For this task, the lensatic compass really shines. The degrees are in red, and are the ring’s inner measurements. Open the cover completely and lenastic back the rear sight.

Welcome To the Lensatic Compass Guide. North is 0 degrees, so a declination of 10 degrees west would mean that you would point at degrees to point at true north. Like any skillit is good to practice navigating with a lensatic compass before your life depends on it. So from now on, when you compasa the term lensatic compassthink lens, think accuracy, think ruggedness, and think sighting. Get your own customized topographical maps, built according to your specifications.

The lensatic compass is used by the U. Definition of a Lensatic Compass So let’s get to the point, that being what the “lensatic” term means. When performed correctly, you will return to the same line you were traveling before you encountered the obstacle.

Using a Lensatic Compass

Pay particular attention to the surface your are working on. Use a compass to get a general sense of direction for North, South, East, and West. My page, fully illustrated book is yours for the asking.

We know that we are somewhere along the shoreline of the lake. Lensattic you are stranded on a deserted islandknowing how to use a compass just may save your life! Steady the compass by allowing the hand holding the compass to rest in the cupped palm of your other hand. Next Best Ways to Build a Campfire: It has its advantages and disadvantages over the orienteering compass. Note that we are using the magnetic dial in the compass.


The need to carefully orient the map, and the precautions about metal in the vicinity of the compass makes this type of plotting more difficult than most other methods. When compass plot it on the map, we will start plotting at the known location, and extend the bearing line back towards the unknown location.

Then, you place your protractor on the map with its center point at your current position, making sure the north-south lines on the protractor line up with the north-south lines on the map. Or make a permanent scratch mark, paint line, or permanent marker line on each end.

The bezel clicks as it moves–three degrees for every click. Point of Interest In addition to degrees to co,pass directions in a circle, the military also uses 6, mils.

Plotting a bearing on a map using a round lensatic compass

Use a straight edge aligned with the sighting wire and central pivot point. The mils are in black, and are the outer measurements on the ring. But a compass can never lose connection to the GPS satellites and will never run out of batteries.