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The three American albums, again translated by the Lofficier couple, were also, unaltered and unedited, included in the above-mentioned anthology collection from Graphitti Designs. That is the reason why I have given him the chance to escape me by entrusting him to others. American distributors and comic store keepers for example, were at the time simply not equipped to handle the for them awkward, deviant larger A4 European album format, in which Dargaud’s books were executed, including “The Man with the Silver Star”.

Leutnnant, Giraud had sneaked in some Blueberry elements including floating Washington dignitaries in the non- BlueberryNative-American themed, short story “The Words of Chief Seattle”, which saw English publication in Epic’s second Blueberry book release, “Ballad for a Coffin”. Archived August 8,at the Wayback Machine. Initially titled “Fort Navajo”, the story grew into 46 pages over the following issues.

Leutnant Blueberry – German-Danish Dictionary – Glosbe

At Dargaud, the late Guy Vidal became a true series editor-in-chief, active, pugnacious, adhering to continuous series. Blueberry, lui, il a le cul entre deux chaises: No, I have chosen this! Apr 20, Armin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Aris rated it really liked it Oct 28, If Blueberry had remained with Humanos, there still would not have been a new album! For Giraud the conflict was actually a godsend, “At that moment Charlier and I also had a financial conflict with Dargaud which came at the exact right time, because it provided me with an alibi [to leave]”.

I know he could be tough as nails with publishers.

It was then that the creators decided to revisit the Young Blueberry adventures as well, which had ended its run in Bluebeery Pocket Pilote. This time around however, and unlikethe rumors found their way to the outside world, causing anxiety in the fan community. The third title though, was invariably directly released in book format for virtually all countries. Blueberry is English for myrtille: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Aside from this, Dargaud made use of the opportunity to clean up the by then muddied release chronology, by formalizing the establishment of the three series and restarting the album numbering for each in reprint runs. After “Fort Navajo”, the collection was suspended and each comic hero hitherto featured therein, spun off in book series of their own, including Blueberry or rather Fort Navajo, une Aventure du Lieutenant Blueberry as it was then still coined.

Leutnant Blueberry, Band 21, Gebrochene Nase

Interview met Jean Giraud”. In essence, it has become Blueberry’s fate to be condemned to life by his creators. The early acquisition of Jeremiah was actually a major consideration to proceed in this manner. Pedro Cravo rated it liked it Aug 06, Yet, for all Charlier’s business acumen, he had failed to recognize that Koralle’s exuberant expansion drive had essentially been a do-or-die effort on their part.

Blueberry 1 – 10 of 28 books. Blueberry was first published in the October 31, issue of Pilote magazine [12] — hence Charlier’s corresponding October 30 birth-date for his fictional character, when the magazine was printed and bluebery for dissemination. The veteran Charlier had already sensed the writings on the wall at Novedi and discussed plans with Giger to have all his comic creations moved over to the new publisher, and to this end had already arranged his old friend fr: I was not quite on board with the bluebery of the story yet, we still had not decided upon anything.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Much to his own surprise, Wilson was almost immediately asked if he was interested to take on the new Young Blueberry series.

Leutnang came up with the name during his American trip: He stated as late aslfutnant things now stand, it is highly unlikely that the vast majority of this material will be included, as Dargaud does not own the copyrights. Published by Delta first published All legal issues were apparently resolved by the time of the publication of the fifth Wilson album, “Trois hommes pour Atlanta” one year later, as it was released by Novedi’s successor Alpen Publishers, becoming the only Jeunesse title they were able to release, before they themselves lost publication rights to Dargaud in late Views Read Edit View history.


As Randy and Jean-Marc Lofficierthe translator couple for all these editions, related, “This is quite ironic because Giraud first coined the ‘Moebius’ pseudonym precisely because he wanted to keep his two bodies of work separate. After Charlier had died on 10 JulyGiraud, aside from completing “Arizona Love” on his own, wrote and drew five albums, from “Mister Blueberry” to “Dust” constituting the OK Corral story arcuntil his own death in And it is only the Dargaud copyrighted material we can use for the Blueberry-Chronikenas we have experienced to our dismay on several occasions,” referring among others, aside from “Three Black Birds”, to the covers for Epic as well.

The mere fact that serious newspapers and magazines were by then vying for the opportunity to run Blueberry in their publications first aside from the above-mentioned publications, the newspaper France-Soir had already run the first two outings of the revitalized La Jeunesse de Blueberry series in and — see belowwas testament to the status Blueberry and its creator s had by then attained in French society.

In post-war Europe, it has been tradition to release comics in “pre-publication” as serialized magazine episodes, before publication as a comic book, or rather comic album in North-American understanding though, ” graphic novel ” is the more applicable terminology in this case, the distinction being a non-issue in native Francetypically with a one to two year lag.