Bezpieczeństwo sieci User Guide: Użyj tej opcji, aby otworzyć plik pdf zawierający niniejszą instrukcję. I bought the model. Sterowniki, instrukcje modemów, routerów dla Netii [Windows, Linux, MAC OS] Linksys Wireless G ADSL2+ Gateway WAG54G2; Linksys Wireless G Wimax. Questo thread si occupa esclusivamente del prodotto Linksys WAGG. Questo thread Non si Instrukcja routera Router Linksys WAG G. Od: Przemek

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This is an older page on how to set up a client bridge. Also see Example further down this page for a better documented but lengthier procedure with some unnecessary steps. The following assumes it has the default IP address Let’s call this WRT54G the primary. Let’s call that WRT54G the secondary. Instructions update for V You will have to assign static IP addresses like Then it works fine. You can now access the primary at If you want to use WPA encryption on your client bridge, make sure your key is no longer than 63 characters, even if you are using a HEX key.

Not all IEEE In order for all devices in your network to communicate, they must not use a key longer than the least capable device in the network supports. It has DHCP throughput issues. Use one of the Beta builds. Svn is a reliable build for G routers.

While the router is on, press the reset button for 30 seconds, then unplug the power supply for thirty seconds, continuing to hold the reset button, and then plug the power supply in for 30 seconds, continuing to hold the reset button. In Firefox or Explorer, type If form data is not saved correctly in Firefox, try another browser. The default IP address of the client router is most likely the same as the host router It will assign the first thing it sees the first allowable IP address this range is set in your primary router admin page.

If this range starts right at Or just simply use an IP outside of the primary router’s assignable range. It is possible that all routers default to start assigning IP’s at I used Repeater Bridge and had sucess following the rest of these instructions. If your router does not connect, disable security on both the primary router and the client router and try again.

If you are able to connect with no security, check your settings. This is a common problem. Plug the network cable into the computer. Try accessing the web from your computer.

It should now work. I personally found all of awg200g instructions confusing, so I’ve compiled an exact list of what I did to get the “Client Bridge” working with the “V23 SP1” version of the firmware. WDS was out of the question unfortunately because one of my routers was a late-model WRT54G and as such wasn’t at the time easily modified. Alternatively I could have bought a proper Linksys or Microsoft solution to connect the XBox to the existing WiFi, but what’s the fun in that? I’m guessing that the Primary Router could be any make and model of wireless router as we’re not doing anything to it!

We will assume you want your Secondary Router to become When I installed v23 SP2 which is quite old at this writing on the secondary router everything worked fine. I have my Secondary Router in another room, connected only to my laptop via an Ethernet cable to Port 1. Neither the laptop nor the Secondary Router are connected to anything but each other. I will be doing all of my setup from this laptop. I’ve done this procedure three times to test it, and I’ve reset the router to Factory Defaults every time.


It may not be the optimal way of accomplishing the task, but it did work for me and I was able to repeat it with the same results each time! instruocja

I tried this with success. It only worked when I used v24 SP1 on both routers. As a side note, my Authentication Type is set to Auto. The only problem I ran into is password length. I used 64 Random Hexidecimal and it failed.

I retried with about a 25 character password and it works now. I followed the “practical example” instructions and when I attempted to connect to the primary router, it would not connect.

I followed the instructions at the top and those worked. This “practical example” set of instructions is overly superfluous. There’s no need to turn off DHCP or disable STP, etc, because when you set the router to client-bridge, those options automatically go away. That being said, the basic instructions are to just set the IP address of the client router to something different than the host router, set the router to client-bridge mode and set the SSID, encryption and password all the same.

If you want to connect to the internet, set the gateway and Local DNS IPs to your main router setting the WAN port to switch and turning off the firewall are also good. I third these settings.

The secret here is that you need to change the firewall settings in the Dlink to allow all traffic linkss the source ie These settings verified working on a WRT54Gv8. I couldn’t ping my gateway before on the far end router. I’m curious if a factory reset is what did it. Setting the auth type between shared and auto seems to make no difference.

After I did that, it worked perfectly.

linksys nas user manual – yvafuxapu’s blog

I’m going to assume SSID broacast is required for this to work, which is unfortunate These instructions were perfect! I can now access both routers’ configuration and files behind both routers. The only addition to the instructions is that you need to disconnect the cable for 10 seconds after the last step and reconnect to fully access all features. Also DHCP messages do not reach the primary router. Other than that, flawless instructions. Second on DHCP not working with v24 release.

Also DNS is not available. Works fine if I manually configure both using primary as the DNS server.

WPA2 is working fine for me using v24 RC7 on both the client and the access point. For those of you that are using MAC filtering on the primary routerit will work, but you need to add the MAC addresses from the second router for the Router, LAN, and wireless these will be consecutive hex numbers. Could not get WEP to work. Using a Belkin router belkin fd v I managed to get this work after many attempts and using many different methods.

I was initially using a micro SP1 build but I later found out that a updated build is required so for people having trouble make sure you have a SP2 build because apparently there is a bug that doesn’t allow client bridging and such to work AT ALL!


I also found out my router took a few minutes to actually get things to work or notice changes so it is possible I had it working before but I just didn’t give it the time it needed. I was very frustrated until I noticed this. But waiting a bit and rebooting the router did eventually get it to be listed there so don’t fret if it isn’t there instantly like the directions make it to seem.

But after this, I was having problems getting the internet to work and I couldn’t ping to the router. Again, maybe if I waited a bit more it might have worked but I tried it instrukcia any security just to test it.

It worked and after that I put some security back on the main router and then I simply added the same security information indtrukcja the dd-wrt flashed router. I was having trouble getting it working when using the IP One router is http: I can access both from either side of the bridge.

There is no need to change any settings or IP addresses or the instrkcja with this setup in order to do so! Wag020g you don’t have a matched pair of routers like I did, I would recommend changing step 3. For example, if your primary router was set to This is not the case anymorebut there may still be lots of reasons to go with this setup rather than WDS. While WDS allows both ends of the connection to accept wireless clients, there is less bandwidth to go around, and there could be more latency.

I was really amazed when I could reduce a file transfer in between a wired machine behind the WRT54GS and a wired machine behind instgukcja WAGG from about 55 minutes to 26 minutes more than twice as fast. The only difference was the absence of WDS and the updated firmware. Please note that there are technical limitations to wireless bridges, but that you can connect multiple clients to a bridged router and they will have both lan and wan access.

Wireless Bridge

The average user will not likely notice any of these limitations. BrainSlayer Forum Answer [1]: The problem is that the It may cause ARP table problems, if you connect more than one computer on the far end of a Client Bridge mode setup. You will not be able to, for example, block mac addresses of client of the bridged routers or set access restrictions based on mac addresses in wag200gg bridged router.

Although multiple devices on the client bridge wireless bridge appear to have the same MAC address in the arp tables of devices on the ‘server’ Linksts, something in the wireless bridge translates that MAC address on return traffic back to the correct one for a given device’s IP address behind the bridge.

I suspect that there is enough of the routing function still turned on in the client bridge mode to maintain an arp table local to the client bridge and make the translations. I would not want to count on multiple devices using non-IP protocols, and would be suspicious of things using special MAC addresses such as multicast addresses eg OSPF routers, multicast apps.