Lonomia obliqua venom and hemolymph have been shown to contain molecules that, besides interfering in blood coagulation (for a review, Veiga et al. ). Lonomia obliqua (Walker, ) is a moth from the family Saturniidae, widely distributed in tropical rainforests of South America. In its larval stage (caterpillar) it . Rev Assoc Med Bras (). May-Jun;61(3) doi: / Lonomia obliqua Walker (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae): hemostasis .

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This study indicates that the venom and the antiapoptotic protein act differently and have different effects on cell cultures, depending on the cell line analyzed. The caterpillars are themselves extremely cryptic, blending in against the bark of trees, where the larvae commonly aggregate.

Biomolecules displaying either mitogenic or cytotoxic activities are of great biotechnological interest. Views Read Edit View history. To verify if the venom interacts in some cell signaling pathways, we combined venom treatments with agents that increase cAMP.

When treatments with only forskolin or 8-Br-cAMP are compared to the control, no differences in cell viability is observed Fig.

Lonomia – Wikipedia

The use of cultured epithelial autograft in the treatment of major burn wounds: But, despite the decrease in NO boliqua, the venom acts inducing proliferation of cells by other cellular mechanisms.

In this study, L.

Use dmy dates from May Use American English from November All Wikipedia articles written in American English Articles with ‘species’ microformats All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Four days before, she had started to present hematuria. Not least, a molecule present in the venom that can be isolated to act as an adjuvant to increase the viability and proliferation of certain cell cultures, developing strategies for improving production of viral systems, protein expression, antibody production, olbiqua others, have a strong impact on the biotechnology industry.


We express special thanks to Dr. A prothombin activator Lopap modulatin inflammation, coagulation and cell survival mechanisms.

Effects of Lonomia obliqua caterpillar venom upon the proliferation and viability of cell lines

Abstract Many active principles produced by animals, plants and microorganisms have been employed in the development of new drugs for the treatment of human diseases. In vitro obliquz activity of Lonomia obliqua caterpillar bristle extract on human and Wistar rat erytrocytes. Accidental poisoning with caterpillars has become increasingly frequent in southern Brazil, partly due to deforestation and elimination of natural predators [ 1 ].

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Lonomia obliqua

Chinese hamster fibroblasts V and human colorectal cancer cell line HT Then, the medium was carefully removed from the wells, and the plate was set obliqka room temperature until becoming completely dry. The doses of venom were diluted in their respective concentrations in culture medium also supplemented with FBS.

Views Read Edit View history. Lonomia obliqua Walker, is a moth from the family Saturniidae, widely distributed in tropical rainforests of South America. As anticoagulants have some very beneficial applications e. Ana Beatriz Gorini da Veiga, Phone: Cell counting After venom treatment of the UMG cell line, medium was removed, cells were washed in PBS and detached with trypsin 0. Physical examination revealed several skin hemorrhages, and gross hematuria was present. Stimulation of proliferation of UMG glioblastoma cells obliquq gastrin-releasing peptide in combination with agents that enhance cAMP signaling.

Intracerebral haemorrhage after contact with Lonomia caterpillars. Nevertheless, one cannot disregard that the joint action of some active principles of the venom, such as the hemolytic activity of PLA2 and the hyaluronidase activity, may have inhibitory effect on proliferation and cell viability.

A catalog for the transcripts from the venomous structures of the caterpillar Lonomia obliqua: Support Center Support Center. The findings of blood tests on arrival were Hb 9.


The following concentrations of venom were tested: In vivo effects and molecular aspects associated with the hemorrhagic syndrome”. It effectively reverses the coagulation disorders induced by Lonomia obliqua venom, and patients treated with this antiserum recover rapidly. Further studies encompassing the purification of active principles from L.

They are commonly known as giant silkworm motha name also used for a wide range of other saturniid moths.

Novel perspectives on the pathogenesis of Lonomia obliqua caterpillar envenomation based on assessment of host response by gene expression analysis. Poisoning can be serious and even fatal. Animal venoms are complex combinations of different active principles, causing diverse effects in human physiology when envenomation occurs.

Fibrinogenolytic and procoagulant activities loomia the hemorrhagic syndrome caused by Lonomia obliqua caterpillars. The fact that lpnomia venom significantly increases the amount of viable cells, even when diluted in culture medium supplemented with 0. Open in a separate window. Robert Norris, stings and abrasions caused by Lonomia obliqua should be treated with antifibrinolytics.

Lonomia obliquathe giant silkworm moth a name also used for a wide range of other saturniid moths[1] is a species of saturniid moth from South America. Accidental contact with caterpillar’s bristles induces allergic and toxic signs and symptoms that range from mild cutaneous reaction to severe systemic reactions, depending mainly on the number and species of the caterpillar involved. The negative control was treated with 0.

Acute renal failure provoked by toxin from caterpillars of the species Lonomia obliqua. Along with the note was the green caterpillar which was hidden inside of her slipper.