Poland. The first article originally appeared in the April edition of Kuhura, a Polish-language journal published in Paris, and was translated into English for. – Biography (not yet available). Works: Open Letter to Ozjasz Szechter. Trotskyism in Poland up to Ludwik Hass (–) was a Polish historian. Authority control. WorldCat Identities · VIAF: · ISNI: · SUDOC:

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This, together with his long exile in Russia and his marriage to a Russian woman, meant that he spoke Russian at home and, especially at first, found Polish difficult. His Polish nationhood continually expressed itself in such things as a stubborn reiteration of the responsibility of the Polish government for the pacification of eastern Galicia [7] before and after the Warand for the forcible resettlement of Ukrainians and Germans.

Despite his programmatic revisionism, Ludwik Hass did play the role of teacher and catalyst of Trotskyism in Poland, and he contributed to the rebuilding of the continuity of Trotskyism there, broken by the Stalinist blood purges and the Nazi occupation.

I never asked Hass his motives for joining the Party, but I can responsibly say that they were quite plain to me. The KPP was dissolved in by the Comintern. Greens took part in the movement against the Iraq War in and participated in Equality Parades and other social protests in Following the German-Soviet invasion of Poland in he found himself in the territory of the Soviet Union.

One must remember the situation in Hwss The first article originally appeared in the April edition of Kuhuraa Polish-language journal published in Paris, and was translated into English for inclusion in International Socialism no. He hasss not have a family in Poland — they had all been murdered by the Germans.

Ludwik Hass | Revolvy

The party was represented in the Sejm between by Anna Grodzka, but had no Senators. Theoretically speaking, as an international Communist he should have cared equally about the repression of the Kurds in Iraq or the Pathans in Pakistan.

Logically the recognition of his membership formed the precedent for the recognition of Trotskyism as an authentic part of the Communist movement, a precedent for the rehabilitation of Trotskyism.


Polish historians Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Hass spoke of all these things, in crowded halls, under the noses of Government officials snooping all round him. Following discussions inthe RML was rejected by the Stalinophobic Mandelites of the misnamed Current of the Revolutionary Left NLRone of the groups that shared responsibility for supporting the forces of the capitalist counterrevolution in Poland.

Deutscher had already provided the background history of the party in his essay The Tragedy of the Polish Communist Party Member feedback about Ludwik Hass: For the Dictatorship of the Proletariat! Pilsudski was Inspector General of the Polish Forces.

This fact must not be underestimated. He could always derive satisfaction from the fact that, however he was treated and whatever was done to him, this only confirmed his analysis and predictions on the inevitable evolution of a bureaucratic state, a new class, etc. But he saw that even de-Stalinisation from the lludwik gave opportunities to ask awkward questions and bring up touchy subjects.

No one could know what opposition this process would encounter, what compromises it would have to make. He once said that a return to normal bourgeois parliamentary democracy would, in Poland, be a step forward. When he applied for rehabilitation init would have been quite feasible for him to stay in Russia or to go to Israel. His aim was to bring about not only a revision of the past, but also a revision of the present. It was founded in September under the name ahss ” Polish: Hass was a Jew.

In the aftermath of World War I the university saw failed attempts to restart it by Lithuania December and invading Luddik forces March His attitude to the Party he once summarised by uass Polish Esperantists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

During the trial, rather than play down the evidence in order not to incriminate his friends, he stressed the international connections of the group. He was brought up in a middle-class family which had been assimilated to polish nationalism. It finally resumed operations as Stefan Batory University in Poland Augusta period followed by another Soviet occupation inbass the less than two-years of the Republic of Central Ludqik, incorporated into Poland in The allegation of operating with concepts from a past century is haass completely untrue.


Władysław Korsak

Resettlement resulted from the acquisition by the USSR of territories in Eastern Poland, and the acquisition by Poland of lands previously in eastern Germany, part of the general Potsdam settlement.

Obituary – Ludwik Hass “. The second item is the history of the Polish Trotskyists during the inter-war years written by Hass himself, which is translated from his pamphlet Lufwik bolszewikowleninistovv IV Miedzynarodowka w Polsce do r. From he was Voivode of Vilnius. What I mean is that if he had chosen differently perhaps he would not have ludqik condemned to such isolation, and perhaps his choice would have been more widely recognised and appreciated.

Hass scorned such things. At the time, Spartacist No. He identified himself unreservedly with the oppressed minorities in Poland – even such unpopular ones as the Ukrainians and Germans. It was like the old BBWR [3] before the war, only more conservative, since in the BBWR, there was at least a minority which expected Pilsudski [4] to implement social reforms. Zieloni and formally registered in February In Isaac Deutscher published a transcript of Trotsky’s speech to the special luudwik of the Communist International in Ludwil on the support hhass by the Polish Communist Party for Pilsudski’s coup d’etat, together with a preface written for it by Trotsky on 4 Augustentitled Pilsudskism, Fascism and the Character of Our EpochWritings of Leon Trotskypp.

But above all he had an unusual capacity for physical endurance which, it seems, is an entirely different thing from physical strength, since Hass was physically weak. In Hass appeared in Warsaw.

Party Hass had no illusions about the Party he was joining. He never exploited his Party card.

Ludwik Hass

Remember Jean Charles de Menezes! He hasx brought up in a middle-class family which had been assimilated to polish nationalism.

Ludwik Hass was born in or Member feedback about Kazimierz Woyda: