L’identit? de sp?cimens malais de Macrobrachium lanchesteri (De Man, ), est In this paper, the taxonomy of M. lanchesteri (De Man, ) is clarified, a. A species of potential value is Cryphiops (Macrobrachium) lanchesteri (de Man), despite its relatively small size. Favourable features include: the large numbers. Freshwater prawn Macrobrachium lanchesteri is commonly present in the rivers in Setiu Wetland and is regarded as a key health indicator of.

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Scleropages macrpbrachium Australian bonytongue. Though it is present on Penang and Singapore islands, it has not been found on other small islands in the area. Ameca splendens Butterfly splitfin. The limited records for sulphate ion concentrations are mostly from waters which are poor in sulphate with concentrations ranging from about 0. Johnson in press has given detailed comments on these.

I did have a feather-fin rainbow die after acclamation and they made quick lunch of the corpse. Mikrogeophagus macrobrahcium Butterfly cichlid. Xenentodon cancila Silver Needlefish. It is also absent from the magnesium rich gelam-type waters of the Malacca area, with pronounced anion excess and very low pH.

Almost all southern Malayan waters are poor in calcium Johnson, a. Their abundance, their role in the ecology of fresh-water habitats and their high protein content give them considerable potential importance.

Hyphessobrycon scholzei Blackline Tetra. They were under an inch and looked just like ghost shrimp. Glass shrimp, Ghost shrimp Group: Macropodus spechti concolor Black paradise fish. Speaking of which, the original poster’s one is berried.

The ability to survive in habitats where there are only traces of sulphate ion is especially noteworthy in view of the widespread occurrence of such waters in many tropical areas.


Didiplis diandra Water hedge. It has a light and somewhat compressed build and a relatively large abdomen and lives in fresh waters throughout its life cycle. Something went wrong, please try again. It is not known how far this depresses fish production, but Dr Chen Foo-Yan of the Tropical Fish Culture Research Institute, Malacca, informs personal communication that there is some evidence that the presence of large numbers of prawns is associated with lower yields of algal feeding fish, while invertebrate feeders may benefit.

Johnson mapped the Malaysian distribution of this species, but a number of new records have subsequently been added. Though it is somewhat the smaller it is more widespread, often more abundant where it occurs, and more commonly found in ponds and ditches.

Synodontis notatus One-spot Synodontis, Domino Syno.

Macrobrachium Lanchesteri Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Hemichromis bimaculatus Jewel Cichlid, Jewelfish. Teleogramma brichardi Brichard’s slender cichlid. Macrobrachium lanchesteri stock photos 99 Macrobrachium lanchesteri macrobrachimu photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. Cryptocoryne blassii Giant crypt. Two recent papers Johnson and Johnson in press attempt to assess their potential value as food organisms. He states that you have to place the female in a quarantined tank and then remove her right after they hatch.

Rineloricaria lanceolata Chocolate-colored catfish. The present paper is an attempt to summarize some of this research carried out with limited facilities, as a part-time study.

Only a few of the remaining species occur in productive waters in sufficient abundance to suggest that they could form the basis of a possible prawn fishery or pond culture industry. Recorded potassium concentrations of waters where the species occurs range from 0. Presumably it occurs at somewhat lower winter temperatures of countries to the north of Malaysia. Mystus tengara Tengara Catfish. I would not keep them with small shrimp like cherries.


The large-sized males differ somewhat from the smaller individuals previously described and will necessitate macrobgachium redescription of the species. The results have been published in a series of papers Lanchesreri, a, b,a, b, Shrimp ID please – Macrobrachium Lanchesteri? Most of the larger fresh-water palaemonids appear to be to some extent carnivorous as is C.

Bolbitis heudelotii African fern, Congo fern. A pile of raw fresh water shrimp on the white background. It is not cannibalistic, at least under normal conditions, and appears to be vegetarian.

Macrobrachium lanchesteri stock photos

Tateurndina ocellicauda Peacock gudgeon. Paratilapia polleni Black diamond cichlid. Chromidotilapia guntheri Gunther’s cichlid. Corydoras paleatus Marbled Corydoras, Peppered corydoras. It is the most common species in Thailand, and is sold in markets all over Thailand, mainly for food.

You could end up with a 2 foot alien facehugger in your tank. Heteropneustes fossilis Liver Catfish, Asian stinging catfish. However it is as well to note that many C. I asked the owner why it was so big, and she said they have several type of shrimp sold as ghost shrimp.

Merican, Lanchdsteri on the macrobrachkum and habits of the adults and larval stages of Macrobrachium rosenbergii De Man. Three months later and they are all over 2 inches and obviously not ghosties.